Ready For Cross Nationals

Captain Bill says, “Greetings from Kansas City! The weather looks fine for tomorrow morning, we had a nice pre-ride, and if anything, the course looks tame. Most of the mud has dried up, it’s only a
little bit tacky.”

  • Tim notes that the course is a power course with a surprising amount of climbing, two modes he’s good at riding.
  • Jose can’t decide how to pin four numbers onto a skinsuit.
  • Kate seems impressed with the organization of everything, which has been extremely smooth. (Thanks, Bill.)
  • Cim is chill.

All in all, the team is poised to put forth a great effort tomorrow at Nationals.

Bill’s other highlight from the day was when Tim Johnson rode up behind him, called out “Hey, MIT,” and stopped to chat for a bit. That’s street cred right there, folks.

Monkeys and cogs,

-Nick Loomis