To see more detailed information, including directions to courses, please download the race flyer.

Saturday, March 29, 2014 - 8AM - Mt Wachusett Individual Time Trial

Registration and staging will be at Thomas Prince School, Princeton, MA.

The course starts at the Thomas Prince School on Sterling Rd and climbs steadily upward for   around 2 miles before taking a slight right onto Merriam Rd, here, the steady rise gives way  to downhill during which racers can gather speed for the final climb. After the course heads  upward again, racers turn right on Mountain Rd to head for the finish.  Total distance is 4.9 miles (same as 2013 course). The town of Princeton would like us to remind riders that  you must yield to emergency vehicles and ensure they can pass quickly and safely.  

No aero equipment (USAC mass start legal only) allowed.

Event Start Time Distance Registration
Men's D8:00AM4.9 mi$10/rider
Women's Cto follow4.9 mi$10/rider
Women's Dto follow4.9 mi$10/rider
Men's Introto follow4.9 mi$10/rider
Women's Introto follow4.9 mi$10/rider
5-minute break
Men's Ato follow4.9 mi$10/rider
Men's Bto follow4.9 mi$10/rider
Men's Cto follow4.9 mi$10/rider
Women's Ato follow4.9 mi$10/rider
Women's Bto follow4.9 mi$10/rider

Saturday, March 29, 2014 - 12:00PM - Westminster Criterium

Registration and staging will be at Westminster Elementary School, Westminster, MA 01473.

The course starts on South street, just down the street from parking and registration area by  Westminster Elementary school. This year’s course includes 6 corners and just enough elevation  to keep your legs burning.

Intro clinics will meet 30 minutes prior to the scheduled start time.

Event Start Time Duration Registration
Men's D Div111:30 AM30 min$20/rider
Men's D Div2to follow30 min$20/rider
Women's Dto follow30 min$20/rider
Men's Cto follow40 min$20/rider
Men's Intro**to follow20 min$20/rider
Women's Cto follow40 min$20/rider
Women's Intro**to follow20 min$20/rider
Men's Bto follow50 min$20/rider
Women's A/Bto follow50 min$20/rider
Men Ato follow70 min$20/rider
**Intro riders will meet at either Westminster Elementary School (Saturday, crit) or Sutton High School (Sunday, RR) 30 minutes before race for clinic; listen to race announcements for details.

Sunday, March 30, 2014 - 9:30AM - Purgatory Chasm Road Race

Registration and staging is at Sutton Memorial High School.
The circuit race is a hilly 11 mile loop through Purgatory Chasm and the Sutton State Forest,  which is the same course used for the Purgatory Road Race. The race will start with a 1.5 mile  neutral roll out along Putnam Hill Road. Traffic will be restricted on Lackey Rd and Menden Rd,  but all other roads will be open to traffic and, the yellow line rule will be in effect. For  the A and B races ONLY, a feed zone will be set up. Feed zone location will be on Central Turnpike  immediately after the right turn off of Putnam Hill Road (marked on the map with an “F”).  The feed  zone will span the length of the Central Turnpike entrance of the abandoned Blue Jay Restaurant.  Map My Ride link   

Event Start Time Distance Laps Registration
Men's D19:30AM22 miles2$20/rider
Men's D29:35AM22 miles2$20/rider
Men's Intro9:37AM22 miles2$20/rider
Women's Intro9:39AM22 miles2$20/rider
Women's A/B11:05AM44 miles5$20/rider
Women's C/D11:10AM33 miles3$20/rider
Men's A2:00PM66 miles6$20/rider
Men's B2:05PM55 miles5$20/rider
Men's C2:10PM33 miles3$20/rider