Year End Wrap Up

Dear friends,

Can you believe what we have accomplished in the last year? Let’s take a moment to celebrate our fantastic achievements. Below is a provisional list of our accomplishments that will constitute
an application for the USA Cycling Collegiate Club of the Year award.

-Jason Sears


Total Members: 90
Racing Members: 59
Club Members: 31
Women: 24 (27%)

Race Performance

1st National Team Rank, 2007-2008
1st Team Omnium, Road National Championships, May 2008
1st Women’s TTT, Road National Championships, May 2008
1st Team Omnium, Track National Championships, Sept 2008
1st Individual, MTB STXC Nats, October 2008
1st Individual Omnium, Track Nats, Sept 2007
1st Team Omnium, CX ECCC Season, Nov 2007
1st Team Omnium, CX ECCC Season, Nov 2008
1st Team Omnium, Road ECCC Season, April 2008

Women’s Programs

Women’s Rides
Women’s TTT practices
Women’s parties
Women’s email list


8 Coached road clinics, Nicole Freedman, Director of Boston Bikes
Continuous individualized training review and planning, Nicole Freedman
6 Coached track clinics, Phil Kinnealy, Director, NEV
4 Coached MTB clinics, Keith Berkoben, MIT MTB coach
6 Coached CX clinics, Bill Palm, MIT CX captain
Training seminar by Nicole Freedman, October 2008
Wind Tunnel testing + bike fitting for team/community
Mechanics clinics for new riders
Attended VO2max testing

Community Activities

Hub On Wheels Boston Community bike ride volunteers, Sept ’07, ’08
Boston Bike Friday Commuter event volunteers, July, August 2008
Developed non-petroleum based chain lube for local manufacturer
Free commuter bicycle Raffle to MIT Community
Night Ride, Sept 2007
Sponsorshop Party, December 2008

Race Promotion

Wompatuck MTB Race, Sept 2007
Beanpot Road Race weekend, April 2008
Conference Track season, August 2008
Northampton MTB Race, Sept 2008

Club Activities

Daily Rides, year round
Training Camp, Santa Cruz January 2008
Training Camp, Albuquerque January 2009
InterCollegiate Ice Cream Rides, Thursdays, May-Sept 2008
Alumni Reunion Ride, June 2008
Transcontinental Alumni ride Welcome, June 2008
Quarterly Team parties
New Hampshire cabin weekend, Sept 2007, Sept 2008
Dirt Century, August 2008
Apple picking rides, October 2008
Topsfield Fair ride, Sept 2008

Awards and Development

Recognized by Resolution of the Massachusetts State Legislature
2nd place, Google/Specialized sustainable engineering competition
Member, MIT Club Sports Council
Consultant for MIT Alumni Development
Nominee, NCCA Board of Trustees
Awarded special gifts to school administration and private supporters
Alumni Phonathon, January 2008
Alumni Newsletter, March 2008
International Recruiting (Canada, Germany, South Africa)
Promotion and support of local velodrome (NEV)
John Stenner Scholarship winner, December 2007
Conference Fuel Expense and Points schedule Analysis