An ECCC-wide email from Joe Kopena


As noted by many, the ECCC dominated much of this past weekend’s USA
Cycling Collegiate Road National Championships.  The Rocky Mountain
conference directors were crying into their burritos after the road
race, bemoaning the East Coast invasion that stole 75% of the titles
on offer in their home territory on an epic day of Colorado wind and
hills.  Highlighted ECCC results are below.  Full race results are at
[1], omniums at [2–7].  It’s also worth visiting the USAC Photo
Gallery at [8], which has many great shots of ECCC riders.

I would also like to give a shout out to the UVM boys.  The Men’s D1
crit was by far one of the most exciting nationals in recent years.
For those that missed it, going into the end of the race a very
credible breakaway looked sure to take the day.  With just a few laps
left, the four UVM riders came to the front of the field.  Jamey
Driscoll and Will Dugan put in heraculean efforts to reel in the break
at the last possible moment, with Alex Cox dragging Colin Jaskiewicz
through the mass of riders swarming the breakaway so Colin could
launch for the win [9].  It was an amazing display of team effort,
with any less from any of the four surely dooming them to fail.

Congratulations to everyone that qualified and participated at this
year’s road nationals!

[ Team Omnium ]

Division I
9th  University of Vermont

Division II
2nd  Massachusetts Institute of Technology
4th  US Military Academy
8th  Princeton University

[ Individual Omniums ]

Women’s Division I
3rd  Anna McLoon, Harvard

Women’s Division II
3rd  Kim Geist, DeSales
4th  Emma Bast, Mt Holyoke
6th  Arielle Filiberti, Dartmouth
7th  Laura Ralston, MIT
8th  Yuri Matsumoto, MIT

Men’s Division I
2nd  Jamey Driscoll, UVM
3rd  Will Dugan, UVM

Men’s Division II
6th  Nick Frey, Princeton
8th  Derek Merkler, USMA

[ Team Time Trial ]

Women’s Division II
2nd  Massachusetts Institute of Technology
3rd  Yale University
4th  US Military Academy

Men’s Division II
2nd  Princeton University

[ Road Race ]

Women’s Division I
2nd  Anna McLoon, Harvard

Women’s Division II
1st  Emma Bast, Mt Holyoke
3rd  Kim Geist, DeSales
5th  Laura Ralston, MIT
8th  Arielle Filiberti, Dartmouth
9th  Martha Buckley, MIT

Men’s Division I
1st  Jamey Driscoll, UVM
2nd  Will Dugan, UVM

Men’s Division II
1st  Nick Frey, Princeton

[ Criterium ]

Women’s Division I
8th  Netana Hotimsky, UVM
9th  Anna McLoon, Harvard

Women’s Division II
3rd  Arielle Filiberti, Dartmouth
4th  Yuri Matsumoto, MIT
7th  Anna Olivier, Yale
8th  Martha Buckley, MIT
10th  Laura Ralston, MIT

Men’s Division I
1st  Colin Jaskiewicz, UVM

Men’s Division II
7th  Derek Merkler, USMA
9th  Jason Sears, MIT


– joe kopena
right here and now