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Frequently Asked Questions



Can I ride with the team?

Of course! Rides are posted to our mailing list year-round. Let the leader know you are coming, or just show up.  Don’t forget your helmet!  If you would like to join an official club event such as a race, please follow the guidelines to join.

Where does the team ride?

Club rides generally start at Student Center (SC) and proceed towards either Concord or Dover. Here are some of the popular routes. Many of our members are posting their rides online on Strava. Check out also the global ride heatmap.

I want to lead a club ride — what is expected of ride leaders?

Please read our ride guidelines and safety policies and make sure you advertise your ride appropriately. We don’t want anyone’s ride (including yours) to be spoiled due to miscommunication.

I want to join a ride, but the ride-descriptions are confusing — what type of workout can I expect with each ride?

The team has drafted some policies about rides. This document summarizes common abbreviations used in ride descriptions and responsibilities of ride leaders and riders.

What should I bring on a ride?

You should always carry food, water, tools to repair a flat (pump, tube, tire levers), ID, medical insurance card, and a helmet. Other useful things to bring on rides are extra clothing, a multi-tool, money (cash), phone, and a map.

When is the season?

Road season is in spring. Track season is from early August to late September. MTB season is from early to mid fall. Cyclo-cross season is in late fall. To see the current race calendar and past seasons, check out the ECCC (Eastern Collegiate Cycling Conference) website.

Can I race with the team?

Club members who are current full time students (per USA Cycling policy)are welcome to race with the team and have costs covered per the policy on the Join page. Club members who are not full time students may be able to join into weekend logistics for races that are jointly USAC and collegiate, but do not receive the same race cost coverage as students.

Alumni, friends, and non-student club members are welcome to ride in team kit but please refrain from racing under the MIT name or in MIT kit when collegiate racers are present.This is particularly important for races used in the ECCC conference scoring or when the club elects to participate in local USAC races as a group (for the purpose of building race craft as a team).

Does the team have a coach?

Yes, and in multiple disciplines! Our coaches provide training plans and several fall clinics. Even if you are not planning to race, the fall clinics are an excellent way to meet other cyclists and develop riding skills and confidence. Club membership grants access to training plans, coached clinics, and correspondence with our coaches.”

I am confused — how often do I have to sign waivers?

To comply with MIT Club Sports policy, members have to sign waivers anew each year. Our calendar roles over in July, so depending on when you join, you may have to sign twice in an academic year! Don’t worry, you will receive email-reminders if you joined our mailing list. Members will also have to agree to the teams non-disclosure agreement (NDA) every season. This can be done on Club Manager.

What can I do to be safer in traffic?

Check out this blog post for some guidance, hints, resources, and tips. The team has also drafted some notes about how to be safe riding in a pack. These guidelines are relevant to all club riding and can be read here.

What are important considerations when buying a bike?

Deciding on a bike is not a straightforward task and there are many things to think about, including size and components (some of these things will be determined by your budget). One of the most important considerations is the size of the bike. Before buying one, make sure to take it for a test ride to check if it fits you right. After all, you will have a pretty close relationship with your bike and you want this relationship to be happy one!
Lisa Deng from the MIT triathlon team shared a document that summarizes important considerations on what to pay attention to and where to buy a bike from. It also contains some bike reviews and experiences from MIT tri team and cycling team folks. You can find the document here.

What do I have to do if my bike was stolen?

One night, all of one of our team member’s bikes were stolen. Read this blog post to see what she did to get them back.



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