MIT Cycling Club
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Joining the club is easy!

Rides are Open to Everyone

Anyone can ride casually with the team. Rides are posted to our mailing list year-round. Subscribe there to learn more!
Riders wearing team kit, regardless of whether they are attending an official club event, represent the club to the community. Please remember to obey traffic laws and ride with courtesy at all times, and especially when wearing team kit.

Official Club Events

To attend official club events, just sign up for Cycling on MIT Club Sports’ website and fill out all the required forms. Having an active account (and signed waivers!) on this page will allow you to join team sponsored activities such as clinics, training camps, and races. These events are posted to our mailing list (designated as an official event requiring Club Sports sign up/ waivers), and are (usually) listed on the Calendar page .

All other rides and events advertised through the listservs or community Slack are not official club events, and are not organized, supported, or endorsed in any way by the MIT cycling team. Please email to propose official events.

Paid Membership Levels

If you want even more, the paid membership levels will give you access to: discounts on our team’s cycling kit and with our equipment sponsors, racing privileges (with the team cover registration, license, transportation, and housing), and access to coaching and training plans. Feel free to start basic – you can always upgrade to a higher level at any point in the season by paying the difference in dues – sorry, we cannot do refunds, though.

To become a club member, you will need:

  1. An MIT Club Sports DoSportsEasy account (hopefully you’ve created that one already!),
  2. an MIT Cycling Club Manager account (this is how we manage race-logistics within the club),
  3. a signed NDA (in the menu on the left in Club Manager), and
  4. your dues all paid up. You can pay your dues online here.

Our mission is to make cycling as accessible and affordable as possible to everyone who is interested. The club has loaner bikes available and if any of these costs feel challenging, contact or any of the officers individually so we can all be excited about cycling together.

Basic Club Membership: $30
  • Allows current MIT students and eligible affiliates* to attend one race weekend (i.e., two days of racing) annually, in any discipline, to try out the sport (with the club paying for entry & license fees, rental cars, and hotels).
  • USA Cycling Collegiate License fee coverage for students.
  • Access to training plans.
  • Access to selected** sponsorship deals.
  • Discount on clothing orders for current MIT affiliates.

** Some sponsorship deals are applicable only to MIT affiliates. Sponsors have ultimate decision on who has access to specific deals.

3 Race Weekends a.k.a. “Undergraduate Unlimited”: $150

Same as above, with increased clothing discounts and sponsorship deals.

  • For first-time racing members, an MIT Cycling Jersey, which the rider is expected to wear during collegiate races.
  • Access to the MIT Cycling Balcony, a secure area with a multitude of bike tools, trainers, rollers, and a TV to train indoors in the winter.
  • Ability to check out loaner bikes for themself or others.
  • Club sponsored race coverage increase to:
    • Unlimited races for MIT Undergrads
    • Three race-weekends (i.e. six days of racing) for MIT graduate students and eligible affiliates*.

Requires that the member helps out with team jobs, including club-led rides (leading at least two rides during spring and fall), logistics planning, volunteering for team events, and holding officer positions.

6 Race Weekends a.k.a. “Graduate Student Unlimited”: $250

Benefits provided with a 3 Weekend Racing Membership (as described above).

  • Club sponsored race coverage increase to:
    • Unlimited races for MIT Graduate Students
  • Opportunity to compete for spots to race at collegiate nationals.
Which races?

*Only current undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to race in collegiate races. Non-student, MIT affiliated members who are not eligible to participate in club sponsored events may request to attend a weekend that includes open races. These members are expected to pay their share of the cost back to the club.

New in 2023: In support of our club mission to get more folks in the MIT community excited about bikes, the Cycling Club will support non-ECCC race entry fees for select races.

Discipline Captains will pick 2-4 races at the start of the season that fall outside the ECCC season, but within the ECCC region. These team-sponsored races aim to build community in the same ways we do during the ECCC season. Students (or alums within the same year) who are 3- or 6-Race Weekend members and will be racing in MIT kit with MIT listed as their team name are eligible. Entry fees for races (not travel or lodging) will be covered.

To glory in the wind tunnel and beyond