MIT Cycling Club
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Email lists is a public email list open to the entire MIT community and friends of the club. If you only join one email list, this is the one. The email list receives all ride postings and announcements. is restricted to active racing members of the club.


We maintain a list for our alumni where we post regular newsletters about the club. Email our alumni officer if you would like to join this list.

Want to host team members for a race weekend in spring? Please let us know!

Club officers

Please email to direct questions to all officers.

President Jen Wilson
Vice-President Corey Tucker
Alumni connections
Ben Woolston
Emerson Glassey and Matt Li
Andrea Tachetti and Youyang Zhao
Ethan Sokol and Daniel Grier
Emma Edwards
Anne Raymond
Recruitment Brian Axelrod
Tobias Ehrenberger
Supreme Leader Joe Near
Aero Chair Zack Ulissi

Discipline captains

If you have any questions about a particular cycling discipline, please do not hesitate to contact one of our captains.

Road Captains Katy Olesnavage and Justin Bandoro
MTB Captain Meg O’Brien and Alex Springer
Cyclocross Captain Julie van der Hoop
Track Captain Rajesh Sridhar

To glory in the wind tunnel and beyond