MIT Cycling Club
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Joining the club is easy!

To ride with us, just sign up for Cycling on DoSportsEasy and fill out all the required forms. Having an active account (and signed waivers) on this page will allow you to join any team ride you want.  You can find out about rides via our mailing list (click to sign up!).

Clearly, riding with us will make you want more! If you want access to perks such as participating in coached skills clinics, awesome discounts on our team’s cycling kit and sponsorship deals, and, of course, racing privileges, consider becoming a member (feel free to start basic – you can always upgrade to a higher level at any point in the season by paying the difference in dues – sorry, we cannot do refunds, though):

Basic Club Membership: $50
  •  Allows the member access to training plans, coaches, and coached skills clinics.
  • Access to selected sponsorship deals
  • Gives a membership discount on clothing orders for current MIT affiliates.
  •  Allow current MIT affiliates* to attend one race weekend** (i.e., two days of racing) annually, in any discipline, to try out the sport (with the club paying for entry fees, rental cars, and hotels)
3 Race Weekends**: $150
  • Allows the member access to training plans, coaches, and coached skills clinics.
  • Allows the member access to all sponsorship deals.
  • Gives the member access to the MIT Cycling Balcony, a secure area with a multitude of bike tools, trainers, rollers, and a TV to train indoors in the winter.
  • Authorizes current MIT affiliates to race up to three club-sponsored race weekends (i.e., six days of racing) annually spread throughout any of the race disciplines (with the club paying for entry fees, rental cars, and hotels).
  • Requires that the member help out with team jobs, including club-led rides, logistics planning, volunteering for team events, and holding officer positions.
6 Race Weekends**: $300
  • In addition the above increases the number of club-sponsored race days in which a current MIT affiliate can participate to 6 race weekends (i.e., 12 days of racing).
  • Gives the opportunity to compete for spots to race at collegiate nationals.
  • In the instance where the rider would like to enter a non club-sponsored event, the rider may write a proposal to the officers to request funding. The officers may vote to fund the request if the race is consistent with the club’s mission.


Additional race-days can be added on at a cost of $150 per 3 weekends (6 days of racing).
* Only current undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to race in collegiate races; however, the team occasionally travels to races that have non-collegiate fields in which other MIT affiliates can participate.
** Single-day races count as a half-weekend.

To become a club member, you will need a DoSportsEasy account (easy, you created that one already!), a Club Manager account (this is how we manage race-logistics), and a check made out to MIT Cycling. Please send your check and completed payment information sheet to us in one of the following ways:

Interdepartmental mail: 
MIT Cycling, c/o Anne Raymond, W20-500

Postal service: 
MIT Cycling, c/o Anne Raymond,
84 Massachusetts Avenue, Room W20-500, Cambridge, MA 02139

leave it in the secretary bin.

In person:
Please contact Anne Raymond at

Continuing members, please also submit your check with the payment information sheet.

To glory in the wind tunnel and beyond