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Current jersey design

Team kit

We are excited to offer MIT Cycling apparel for sale to the general public. We currently have two versions of our kit in stock – our newer Vie13 version version and our older Capo version. The current Vie13 design has been in use since the Spring 2016 season.

The price list shows the Capo items which we carry, and the inventory shows which sizes and which items are available. We will restock only the Vie13 design throughout the year. Sizing information is available for the Vie13 kit from the Vie13 website and for the Capo kit at the Capo Website.

We are currently working on a system to order Vie13 kit. To order Capo kit, please fill out the form below. If you require that items are shipped to you, we will be in touch about shipping after you place an order. Each Wednesday, we process new order requests and mail orders for which we have received payments. If you have extenuating circumstances and your order needs to be out of the weekly rotation, please ask us at (

All proceeds support the MIT Cycling Club.

To glory in the wind tunnel and beyond