Training camp got Juls really excited to race!

Since I joined the cycling team less than a month ago, most of you probably don’t know me. However, I still jumped (literally) at the opportunity to tell you all about the fabulous training trip we had in Tucson during IAP! I am very new to cycling, and before the trip I was not planning on racing much in the coming season. While the rest of the team were following Coach Nicole’s fall training plan of riding Zone 2! Zone 2! Zone 2!, I mostly rode my bike as a means of getting from A to B. However, despite my lack of training in the fall, after riding with the team for only a week during truing camp, I could not be more excited about the upcoming season

According to Katie, the current women’s road captain, the rides we went on during the trip were “Not that far”, “Not that fast”, and “Not that hard”. Haha! These rides were the farthest, fastest, and hardest rides I’ve ever done. And although this trip was one of the most physically challenging experiences I have encountered, I have absolutely no regrets about going on the trip! Below are a few reasons why this year’s Team Training Trip was the best trip I have ever been on:

1. THE TEAM: As you all know, everyone on the cycling team is awesome! After going on a few rides with the team in Boston I quickly picked this up. The rides at training camp are vey similar, but instead of running off to lab after the ride, in Tucson we had time to hang out with the team for the rest of the day. You really get to know your teammates, and this is just as valuable as the training experience you get on the trip.

2. THE TRAINING: As I mentioned above, I had never trained this hard before in my life. The rides on the trip were not only the most difficult rides of my life, they were also the most enjoyable. This is not only because I was in a place where the weather and views were fantastic, but rather (like everyone else there) I came on this trip to ride. So I rode, and I rode, and I rode! The best part is: for one week, you don’t feel guilty about having your life revolve around your bike! 🙂 My biggest worry was holding the others on the team back, since I lacked the base training they got during the fall. However, this was never an issue. I stuck with them for as much of the rides as I could, but everyone is always free to ride at their own pace and cut the ride a little shorter if need be. Everyone is at a different level of fitness, and you gauge the trip to meet your training needs. Everyone understands and respects this (did I mention the team is awesome?) But don’t worry! – the team is still there to push you harder than you ever thought you could go! Even after a week of hard training, the last few rides were some of my best!

Triumphant Engineers at training camp

3. THE TRIP: We all know how much better it is to bike in nice weather. Unfortunately this time of year, Boston has little to offer. Although the sole purpose of this trip was to bike, it was so much more than that! I couldn’t have asked for a better vacation, or any cooler friends to spend it with! I know, I know! I’m preaching to the choir. You alumni already understand the joy that comes from cycling and how amazing the MIT Cycling Team is. Still, I hope this report reminds you of the awesome times you had on the MIT Cycling team, and makes sure you don’t forget how incredible this team really is!