Philly Phlyer 2013 recap: 5 TTT wins; 3 mass start wins!

Another great weekend for MIT cycling! 25 riders drove to Philadelphia for the season’s first team time trial and a circuit race on Saturday, followed by a crit on the Temple University campus on Sunday. MIT won the team omnium points competition for the weekend, won five of the seven team time trial competitions entered, and had three individual wins across the circuit race and criterium! Snow and hail added to the suffering the first day, but everyone returned excited to race again the next day! The team’s next major races are the 4 we are hosting: the MIT X-Pot 3.0, on 3/30-3/31.

Full Results:

Omnium: MIT first place out of 36 teams!

MA 1
WA 1

MB 3
MC 2
WC 1
MD 1
MIntro 1

MA: race stopped midway due to extremely slippery road conditions (road races in ECCC are extremely rarely called off!)
WA: Shaena 3, Katie Q 4
MB: Kuat 13, David K 29
WB: Kate W 4
MC: Matt L 20, Nate 22, Scott 25, Ernesto 26
WC: Georgia 8, Katie M 16
MD: Matt R 5, Tom 20, Anton 23
MIntro: Ethan 1, David R 7

MA: Cameron 19 +15pt primes, Joe 23 +1pt prime, Zack 29, Spencer 40
WA: Shaena 8 +30pt primes, Katie Q 14 +6pt primes
MB: Ben 4, Kuat 17, David K 10pt primes
WB: Kate 5 +8pt primes, Jen 8
MC: Scott 1 +3pt primes, Matt L 19, Nate 41, Ernesto 46, David S 58
WC: Georgia 2 +8pt primes
MD: Anton 10, Tom 12, Matt R 40
MIntro: Ethan 1
M 3/4: Ben 2, Kuat 9, Joe 29